We manage the creation and distribution of user-generated content from influencers, enthusiasts, and creators. This is not an easy task and it’s something that we do in real-time, 24/7, 365 days-a-year. To accomplish this, we’ve created a unique offering only from CMKTl -- On-Demand UGC GALLERIES.

Brands use these galleries to deliver ALWAYS ON content, and today we receive the audience profile and brand affinity metrics to distribute this content programmatically in real-time. We have also successfully used the same process to identify and reuse existing branded content and conduct influencer-led product sampling efforts.

We identify and secure the digital rights, and maintain, and distribute this content. For us, Influencer Relations is not just a “rebrand” Influencer Marketing. We’ve created something truly unique. Influencer Relations from CMKT enables marketers to be HUMAN so they can build genuine long-term relationships with their consumers.

Our platform also reviews influencer UGC for bots and fake followers, resizes content for native placements, and helps us negotiate influencer fees, and secure the DRM. Plus, we identify look-alikes that match the attributes of the influencer, creator, and enthusiast audiences to ensure the advertising we buy delivers the highest levels of engagement and purchase intent. Our proprietary methodology and social scoring process perfectly matches an influencer's content and audience, with a brand's target persona.

With enriched data for 15 MM influencers and 1 BN social profiles, we identify the best creators and UGC that every brand needs to scale their influencer campaigns. We deliver a real-time feed of highly relevant and engaging native social content and advertising directly to a brands' most valuable consumers from the influencers they trust the most. This is possible thanks to our personalized content platform that brings together editorial planning, and content production WITH influencer, creator, and enthusiast sourcing, and analysis.

Influencer marketing builds personal relationships and strong emotional connections between consumers, creators, influencers, and brands. The campaigns that we create and manage help our client’s build a strong brand presence and genuine level of global affinity for a brand. For brands that are focused on the future, we add value and raise the voice of their most loyal creators and enthusiasts.


IRM accelerates trust and transparency for brands and their consumers within the consumer journey. Among the 100 billion searches Google processes every month, searches for products ‘to avoid’ and ‘the worst’, have increased 1.5x since 2015, and mobile searches for ‘the best’ have grown 80%.

This subtle change in behavior signals a more dramatic shift in the content consumers want when making purchase decisions, as well as their expectations when receiving that information. To help brands manage this we combine content first discovery with real-time data and analytics to ensure that brands can use influencer content to play an active role in the accelerated path-to-purchase.

Our platform brings together a collection of “best of breed” software tools, applications and methodologies built on top of a proprietary user data platform and aggregated under a single branded user interface.

We deliver the most relevant and credible influencers because we don’t have our own exclusive set of influencers that we pull from. Instead the Native Influence platform offers the unique ability to select the most authentic and engaging influencers and audiences that have been proven to foster community activity, brand advocacy, and conversions within branded environments.
Over the past three years we’ve invested heavily in a native social content discovery and distribution infrastructure that is based on a proprietary social influence score, that incorporates the billion social profiles we have access to. In keeping with the rules and regulations outlined in the GDPR, we have been able to maintain our access to five years of historical data, which enables us to mine consumer data deeper than any social algorithm has gone before. These factors come together to support Native Influence’s proprietary influence score, which is a key pillar to ensure our platform is more accurate and comprehensive than any other company or offering available today.