Consumers that use search + social together are the “highest value targets” for marketers. They spend the most of any consumer segment and they are the most likely to act as brand advocates.

As our target audience they also ensure that the SEO we deliver is effective at driving brand engagement and digital and social commerce. We use influencer, UGC, and custom branded content to deliver search + social marketing as one seamless consumer engagement and marketing tactic.


The majority of search + social experiences today are happening on mobile devices. As a result, we’re seeing a real-time data and marketing revolution.

At Creator MKT we’ve developed a unique process to ensure we’re delivering highly effective outcome driven real-time data and marketing solutions for our clients. Our team is focused on the ambient data that consumers are generating as part of their everyday activities and interactions. There has been a huge surge in the volume and diversity of this real-time information pipeline, which has made it more difficult to collect, filter, analyze, map, and visualize it.

At Creator MKT we ensure that a brand's social content is a prominent part of their search results to drive deeper brand engagement, with impactful, trusted information that consumers receive while they are engaged in shopping behavior through posts from friends and paid social ads.


Search dominates for reach, depth, and relationship building, with 72% of consumers reporting that they believe search results are trustworthy, the highest of any digital communications channel.


90% of consumers reported in a recent Forrester research study that they use search at EVERY stage of their engagement with brands. Whereas, 85% said they use social channels for discovery and purchase consideration.


We believe identifying and analyzing this flow of IRL data is key to identifying consumer trends, brand preferences, and authentic relationships with brand enthusiasts and influencers. We’ve developed a number of advanced methodologies to help us make sense of this endless stream of information and incorporate the most relevant metrics into our client campaigns. Our unique focus and deep analysis of this data enables us to collect the analytics we need to accelerate a brands marketing and their relationship with their consumer on social media, in search, and IRL.

In today’s new information age, consumer marketing and innovation are accelerating faster than at any time in history. That’s why we offer a number of unique first-party data solutions that provide valuable insight into your consumers’ purchase journey, search patterns, and social behaviors. Consumers readily provide this information through their mobile phones, social networks. and other digital platforms. We also extend our approach to campaign measurement, where we provide a custom real-time dashboard for every campaign that we manage.

Prior to Apple’s IOS 14 update that restricted access to this data we were proactive and secured access to AI from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others to go deeper into the context around the everyday ambient data that consumers are providing. Consumers are functioning as human sensor networks, providing individual data points that when looked at collectively, together with context, and AI and machine learning, provide invaluable insight into your consumers, and how to most effectively market to them online, offline, and through search + social.

We also use social media as a stand-alone tool to monitor consumers, brand enthusiasts, influencers, and the communities they intersect with. We are able to use their online interaction as an indicator of individual and group sentiment, providing insights that are relevant online, offline and at all retail that point directly to actions we can take to insert your brand into your consumers daily life.