Real-Time Intent Driven SEO.



Only Creator MKT offers a structural support model to ensure the success of search, social, and influencer marketing at the local level. Our services include managing Google My Profile (GMP), which is the most important factor for local search, Google map, and local pack results. Our local SEO services also include mobile optimization, landing page development, link building, on-page and off-page SEO and an extensive backlink approach that includes dedicated backlink websites.

We also provide the high-authority local influencers and brand enthusiasts that have the local social followings, niche blog content, and social content to personally connect brands with their customers and drive high value local search results. The local brand enthusiasts that we identify deliver the high-authority local backlinks, visibility, and trusted personal relationships with local consumers that are essential for brands to succeed at the local level. Most search, social, and native advertising agencies, especially those that are recommended and provided by OEMs don’t deliver local search optimization. They just deliver general search optimization, which is different and not enough to win at the local level. 

At Creator MKT we have a dedicated local search and social optimization offering. Google’s local algorithm is more complex and different from their traditional search algorithm because it includes additional signals. The auto industry, which is one of our primary focus areas, is an inherently local category according to Google. Creator MKT offers a “coopable” and fully customized local search and social product that focuses on the three top ranking factors for local search results — relevance, prominence, and proximity.

We develop and produce dedicated landing pages that provide inbound links, and dedicated backlinks, that are routinely updated to deliver relevance and recency. 

Through our customization efforts we create “prominence”, another essential local factor. The “prominence” metric is often overlooked but Google wants to make sure that brand websites especially at the local level are different and stand out from each other in their local grouping, map, and local pack results. To rank prominently for local search, all websites, even those with the same parent company, must have unique content and characteristics.

Through detailed product descriptions, local influencer and enthusiast content, and geo-modified terms and content we ensure “relevance” at the local level, which is Google’s way of measuring if a site has the attributes a searcher is looking for.



Andrei Broder is a distinguished scientist at Google. His 2002 paper titled The Taxonomy of Web Search is the framework for Google’s current focus on search intent. Twenty years ago, Broder outlined how consumers are driven by an “information need” when they search. Today Google breaks down that “need” into four categories, informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional. 

To address these four “needs” more accurately, Google completely refocused their search algorithms around consumer intent, which is what Andrei Broder called the “need behind the query.  

Working with Google and Facebook’s AI we’ve developed a real-time search + social data framework that directs how we deliver the best and most engaging content for the “need behind the query”, which we match to each of Google’s four “need” categories. How do we do that? We start at the beginning of the buyer journey and create content and social experiences that place your brand in front of your most valuable consumers at each step in their purchase journey, which we match directly to Google’s consumer intent categories for maximum benefit. 

  • Navigational is the need to find a specific page or site
  • Informational is the need to find an answer to a specific question
  • Commercial is the need to investigate and validate a brand, product, or service
  • Transactional when your consumer wants to complete an action, a conversion.  

Search now maps your consumer’s journey and their intent to buy or engage with your product, service, or brand. We focus on identifying, targeting, and engaging your most valuable consumers. These are the individuals that are about to purchase, Google identifies them as having “transactional intent”. 

According to Google Analytics, Facebook’s Insights, Shopify’s conversion data, and our own evaluation of consumer transactions, these are your most valuable consumers because they “want to do something right now”. They’re looking to buy or transact with “a brand or product in the moment”.  We’ve found that this traditionally means that they are in the final stages of their purchase journey. They just need to find a specific product or service right away. Our team is hyper-focused on ensuring that your brand shows up at that moment. 

  • It’s at this moment that our data driven approach brings your brand personas to life with the most accurate and best performing searchable content.  
  • We work with the top data providers in the space to develop our keyword matches, which are based on our access to a US database of 4.4 BN keywords. The largest available. 
  • We then match these keywords through our unique keyword algorithms and conversion models to identify the highest volume and best performing keywords to match your consumer personas. 
  • The brands we work with see significantly higher keyword matches and conversions versus their competitors.

Our data sets are based on the same shifts in consumer intent that drive Google’s search results. We’ve reached a point today where we’re able to anticipate new search behaviors and identify trending opportunities so clearly that we can match them perfectly with the content that consumers are looking for based on where they are in their purchase journey. By increasing traffic to a brand’s highest converting content, we increase consumer engagement and search rankings for the phrases, terms, and keywords that Google’s algorithm and AI believe are the highest converting content for a brand.