CreatorMKT – AI-Powered tools for Automobile Industry


Our software and AI-powered tools deliver Real-Time Always-on Content and Experiences through generative content and SEO to deliver the top placements needed to drive sales. We work with our clients to engage their optimal target audience across their preferred digital media and throughout their purchase journey.

Native Creative™

Native Creative™ is our AI-powered engine that identifies, ranks, and purchases content from influencers, brand enthusiasts, and other content creators and then distribute it as native social content and advertising. Our Native Creative™ product identifies, ranks, and selects influencers, brand enthusiasts, content creators, and the content they create.

Seamless Integration

Accelerates the path-to-purchase and unlocks new value as part of one authentic seamless consumer marketing, and lead engine.

Secure & Feed

Our software secures digital rights for the most authentic UGC then automates the distribution of it for native advertising directly to a social network or programmatic DCO.

Real-Time Distribution

Our proprietary Al processes include an Al-assisted sales experience that moves customers from SEO-focused landing pages to VDP/VLP pages to maximize conversions.

Native Creative Influencers

Our software engages influencers to create custom content and post dealership content for one-off and programmatic campaigns. We provide influencer discovery and management that feeds influencer UGC to our Native Creative engine. We work with the influencers that engage with a dealership’s target audience throughout their purchase journey.

• Creator MKT uses social data, machine learning, and the analysis of over 10 million social records to power our Native Creative platform for influencer selection and management.

• Our Native Creative platform uses AI to identify, rank, select, and hire influencers and the content they create.
• Our algorithms analyze and extract valuable insights from the billions of interactions that occur every day on social media, and we have our proprietary influence metric that looks at over 100 social signals.

Mass Distribution No Duplication

We own thousands of Ford images and videos segmented by vehicle and zip-code so we can deliver them to a mass audience w/o duplication. 

Content Libraries

Consumer Experience

We've changed the consumer experience for vehicle shoppers and built one that is enabled by technology and sustained through capabilities and creativity.

Our consumer experience software gives you an unfair advantage.

AI-Led Integrated Media Buying

Creator MKT’s programmatic media-buying engine specializes in Native Placements. It’s also integrated with our Native Creative™ & Audience Accelerator to give dealerships a proven & fully optimized sales and marketing process, which is missing today at the local level today.


Our custom lead audiences help eliminate waste and drive sales. Creator MKT is THE new media engine for dealerships and OEMs built with our unique access to real-time data and analytics.


Dealerships today must deliver a personalized and efficient sales experience, but that’s difficult and expensive to do. That’s why we developed our AI Assisted Sales product, to help you increase your qualified leads and long-term loyal customers by delivering a consumer-facing sales journey that’s timely, relevant and personalized. Our AI Sales Assistant can show buyers inventory, share photos and videos, prep customer paperwork, build out a personalized digital vehicle showroom, walk through rebates and pricing, give out vehicle information and answer questions.


Measurement is at the core of everything we do — especially our CX work. We drive leads and build long-term customer relationships by studying consumer data to build community and deliver 24/7, always-on experiences. Below is a sample Creator MKT client dashboard and some of our primary data and analytics providers.

Original Content

Write and use Al to create optimized, original, authoritative vehicle education, website, training, and backlink content that integrates Native Creative™ UGC and dealership social proof.

Structured Content

Provide structured content & schema mark-ups for the dealership website. Create new structured Product Pages that match Google’s specifications and integrate those with the blog content and social posts.

Our process brings search + social together as one seamless tactic to build an active community around a brand using a mix of original, user-generated, structured, optimized, AI generated, and integrated authentic content that we serve organically and as native advertising on commerce, CTV, OTT, and other direct to consumer digital media channels.

We bring Search + Social + UGC + AI together for native advertising and deliver it as one seamless tactic to help brands, dealerships and OEMs build an active community around their brand.

Authentic Peer-to-peer Engagement

Content + Audience Match + UGC + AI for Native Programmatic Ads

I Want My Own Content

Native Creative™

Use our AI tool to develop personalized buyer audiences and lookalikes that we use for digital media/programmatic, social media, and all content distribution.


Review industry data, dealership, and OEM analytics, current and historical search, and social data. Conduct interviews and use our AI toolset to develop a model purchase journey for the different buying audiences.