Shark Ninja

Shark Ninja

Increase Digital Marketing Efforts with a Full Scale Influencer Campain Across Seven Product Lines


As a leading kitchen and home appliance company with predominantly infomercial driven advertising, their marketing team recognized the need to use modern marketing methods to keep up with cometirors and consumer behavior. SharkNinja’s goal was to take big steps into digital marketing. Before the holiday season, a full-scale influencer campaign was launched across 7 different product lines.


HOW WE GOT THERE: CMKT used influencer discovery and refinement based on specific brand targets to identify 40 paid influencers and 210 unpaid influencers on a macro, mid-teir, and micro level. While managing outreach, negotiations and contracting for all 40 paid influencers, CMKT successfully executed SharkNinja’s influencer campaign across 7 product lines.


  • 310 total paid posts across Instagram, IG stories, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube andpersonal blogs
    • 73 call to action (ieswipe to purchase or link to purchase)
    • 22 long form content (blog post, video or Instagram videos)
  • 205 total unpaid posts created by 200 unpaid influencers

This final campaign produced 8.2M impressions with over 1.2M video views across all social platforms.


Business, Software, Technology

Date published

June 27, 2022