Secret Dedorant

Secret Dedorant

Promote Brand Awarness & Gian Customer Insite with a One-year Influencer Program Across Three Secret Deodorant Product lines.


Design and execute a one-year influencer program with campaigns across three different Secret Deodorant product lines to leverage exposure and promote the brand while focusing on influencers with different verticals and interests to Increase social engagement and interactions to gain customer insight and data.


CMKT identified 54 influencers with a cumulative following across platforms of 20.6M through influencer discovery and refinement based on specific brand targets on a macro, mid-tier, and micro-level. Through research, outreach, negotiations, content directions, and measurement, CMKT successfully designed and  executed a year-long influencer program across 3 Secret Deodarnt product lines.


  • 307 total posts across Instagram, IG stories, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and personal blogs were created with a true reach of 1.9M and 2.4M impressions. 
  • Influencers featured a swipe-to-purchase option where retailer locations were identified for each influencer’s audience based on city. 
  • Retail links provided were trackable and brought visitors right to the retail store for purchase, providing customer insight and data. These links included Walgreens, Target & CVS Pharmacy.


Business, Software, Technology

Date published

June 27, 2022