Social media as we all know is the home of GEN Z. It’s a great place to market products related to them. If your target audience includes or will include members of Gen Z, social marketing is essential to reach and engage them.

More than ever brands need creators to help them get their community right. 77% of consumers surveyed by Facebook and NYU’s Governance Lab said that the most important community they are part of operates online. (The GovLab, The Power of Virtual Communities, 2021.)

As more consumers post-pandemic are looking for brands to be part of their social experiences, brands now need a new level of native social creativity. This is even more important for retail brands as social is rapidly becoming the heart of the new social shopping experience.

Now more than half of consumers aged 16 to 24 say that they use social media as their primary source of information when researching brands. (Hootsuite Social Trends, 2022).


Marketers are rapidly recognizing that they need to be on social media in real-time to help their consumers. More than 60% agree that social customer service is now a valuable part of their communication with consumers (Hootsuite Social Trends, 2022).

Social media has also played a pivotal role in reducing the gap between marketing and customer service for Gen Z. Social media is the new mall and destination for customer service for this generation. If they have a problem with a product or service, they are going to social media to report their issue with a product and talk to someone about fixing it. Brands need a communication “bridge” on social media for customer service, if you don’t have one, we can help you create one, and staff it with AI and automated tools together with brand enthusiasts, influencers, and other trusted and authentic customer service personnel.