IRM opens the door for the next generation of storytelling and brand stories. We combine this with AI to drive impact and adapt to the evolving influencer, enthusiast, and creator space by providing the highest levels of transparency and authenticity. Influencer relations is a more human approach. Before you can market to someone you have to first understand what he or she values. Our approach also enables us to deliver a new consumer value exchange that supports brands with their social and digital transformation efforts.

Our campaigns focus on the shift from influencer marketing to influencer relations, as a result we’re unlocking new value for brands. The “Return on Relationship": accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship over time. We’ve taken the best practices of influencer marketing and moved them to a more meaningful genre that we call Influencer Relations. Our approach transcends to relationship-driven marketing, not just a simple “rebrand” of existing practices.

We gather insights from consumer behaviors to drive a new level of value and authenticity for brands. This enables us to create real-time content and influencer relationships that are focused on answering consumer questions 24/7. Unlike other agencies we deliver an entirely new level of semantic SEO and personalized content. IRM is essential today to create authentic consumer relationships versus simply being another broadcast marketing vehicle.

We’ve developed a proprietary software-based creator discovery process that we use to ensure our influencer relationship management efforts ensure one-to-one brand engagement.


As part of our process, we review each potential influencer, creator, and brand enthusiast’s levels of productivity, advocacy, and engagement. We map our data against an analysis of a brands consumer mindset, social media and community relationships, and your consumers digital purchasing behavior. Then we use our brand, influencer, and competitor data to confirm key market category positioning details, and we map your digital footprint against your top competitors. This is what enables us to discover the strongest and most influential content creators that can create the UGC for us that will help grow long term brands to consumer partnerships.

Our team is driving the future of influencer marketing and advertising through their efforts to map the ecosystem of influence. Today’s consumers are 82% more likely to buy a product based on an influencer’s recommendations. These endorsements are 6.7x more efficient than other types of direct-to-consumer marketing and they generate 22x’s more conversions than traditional advertising.

Our proprietary methodology and social scoring process perfectly matches an influencer's content and audience, with a brand's target persona. This enables us to provide brands and agencies with branded and unbranded UGC, created by the most authentic influencers and influential consumers for a specific brand. Then we supply this content as ad creative We supply valuable creative with authentic and proven influencer UGC that can be distributed in real-time as authentic branded and unbranded influencer UGC that is cleared for use as native social content and advertising.

We’ve found that consumers that engage with influencers are also influential. 74% of consumers that follow influencers on a daily basis consider themselves influential among their own social circles, telling four people on average about brands, products and services they have seen an influencer promote. These individuals are also 3x’s more likely to follow an influencer on social media than they are to follow a brand directly.


We start with a deep data and analytics analysis of a brands buyer personas and their purchase journey to identify the content that will most effectively drive conversions.

This enables us to insert the most authentic influencer content for each stage of the consumer journey, which helps us to drive credible long-term engagement and maximize a brand’s conversions. Our process modernizes the customer journey to integrate content touch-points to drive higher levels of authentic peer-to-peer engagement. We align the right content for each consumer persona together with the influencers they trust to engage consumers and drive the highest level of conversions. Then we add search, social, and programmatic data sets to automate the distribution of high-virality influencer UGC for programmatic advertising and native social content.