We use influencer, UGC, and custom branded content to deliver search + social marketing as one seamless consumer engagement and marketing tactic.

Our approach for search, social, and influencer relationship management is based on our unique access and deep understanding of persona and transaction data.


As Google’s organic and paid search focus shifted to “consumer intent”, we were already there. Our unique focus on buyer personas and consumer intent has given us a clear advantage in the industry. It has also helped us to become a key player and knowledge leader in the space. We’ve been able to drive growth and a consistent record of success by leveraging our deep understanding of their consumer’s to create highly effective search + social audiences and marketing campaigns based on their buying behaviors and intent.

At Creator MKT, we have a unique understanding of social user and performance data including Facebook’s new Conversion API that we use in real-time to differentiate brands and curate unique audiences to optimize outcomes for our clients’ products and services that consistently drive commerce.


Anyone can tell you what consumers are searching for, but we use an intense focus on consumer behavior within digital and social environments to tell you why. This is essential today to craft content that has the level of relevance, trustworthiness, and authenticity that consumers require to meet their instantaneous demand. We have developed a unique capability that brings together search and social to deliver real-time social content and social proof that is part of a consumer’s social and search experience.