The ubiquity of social media platforms has led to a democratization of the medium, enabling it to be used as a social barometer. Usage of digital social networks has exploded across the globe. People connect with one another through regular social updates that when analyzed in bulk make it possible to calculate the current status of entire communities. At Creator MKT we uniquely use this conversational data to predict commerce, search, and social outcomes for brands.

We are also constantly looking at new types of data, such as photo-uploads, digital commerce, voice search, social proof, and engagement with AR and VR to add dimensionality.Our focus on everyday social interactions and how consumers access information adds texture to the data that gives us quantifiable insight into new ways to approach consumers' needs and behaviors. The sheer volume and quantity of the data we have access to when compared to historic models or a consumer’s history with a brand or category helps us to prepare brands for the future. Their future with their consumer. The access we have to real-time brand information has allowed us to move beyond planning and correlation to prediction.


A recent Ad Age study showed that 71% of consumers expect brands to promote diversity and inclusion in their online advertising. However, only 54% of consumers feel “fully culturally represented” in online advertising. This gap gets even larger as you drill down into more diverse communities. Latino and Black Americans are almost two times more likely to say they see “negative stereotypical representation” in online ads.

There is a real opportunity Creator MKT to deliver an inclusive vision for their creator collaborations. The opportunity goes beyond using a diverse group of creators, we could also work with them to create content that speaks to these audiences and the unique issues they face. This will help the clients we work with show firsthand how much they share our commitment to be representative of all of their customers. The most effective collaborations between brands and creators are consistently the ones that communicate a shared purpose.