Digital PR is one of the most effective ways to earn high-quality authoritative links for a brand at scale. Link building is one of the primary reasons that brands add digital PR to their SEO strategies but there is a lot more to Digital PR than links.

At Creator MKT we’ve developed a suite of Digital PR products that we include in our larger data driven SEO campaigns. These products work together to help our clients build their digital footprint by extending their storytelling to highly targeted niche publications, influencers, blogs, journalists, public and private social media groups. This is how we use Digital PR to significantly improve your SEO results.

When you launch a great data-driven campaign with a strong story, Digital PR delivers the links that ensure your consumers will see and engage with your story. It doesn’t stop there - from adding credibility to your brand to keeping your product in front of your primary target audience throughout their purchase journey, Digital PR is a powerful way to extend your search + social efforts.


Introducing brands to new relevant audiences that we can feed into Google and Facebook’s AI tools to drive the most leads and highest level of conversions.

Drive targeted click throughs that we can use within a brands remarketing audiences.

Our Digital PR efforts deliver the engagement that fuels conversational marketing.

Support social proof and consumer validation efforts, which is an essential driver of purchase today for social consumers.

Increase the effectiveness of SEO with social placements that rank immediately versus traditional placements that take weeks or months to rank.

Secure the right placements that instantly improve Google’s relevancy and recently metrics.

Identify the best social content sources for influential/authoritative content distribution.

Test and discover the most effective digital messaging that we can then use in a brands social content and native advertising.

Monitor our Digital PR efforts and content distribution to identify the best keywords to deliver transactional intent.

Secure optimized conversational content that can be used to drive higher engagement on a brands website, social pages, and consumer interactions.

Map out, identify, and test the most relevant and best-performing influencers and authoritative content sources for a brand.