Meet The Team

Alan Rambam
Chief Impact Officer

Joyce Pour-Azar
Director of Marketing

Suzie Gilmore
Director of Social Media and Influencers


There are a number of reasons why you should choose CreatorMKT as your SEARCH + SOCIAL agency. We thought we’d give you a few of them.

  • We’re persona-based, which enables us to drive growth by gaining a deep understanding of your consumer audiences, especially their behaviors and intent.
  • We’re specialists NOT generalists. We have a unique understanding of consumer and social performance data including Google and Facebook’s AI capabilities, and Facebook’s new Conversion API.
  • Our team has an unmatched expertise in the analysis of real-time search and social data that we use to curate unique audiences to optimize consumer commerce outcomes.
  • Anyone can tell you, what consumers are searching for, but we use an intense focus on understanding consumer intent to tell you why.
  • Only CMKT understands how to craft the user created content that has the level of relevance and trust that consumers require to meet their instantaneous SEARCH + SOCIAL demand.
  • CMKT delivers real-time social content and social proof to ensure your brand is part of your consumers organic SEARCH + SOCIAL experience.
  • We work directly with Facebook and Instagram on their agency AI taskforce, where together we are learning the best ways to capitalize on the efficiencies of machine learning and AI to help you target and deliver a new more personal level of social commerce.
  • Local is now digital. We help brands with physical locations provide a more personal locally optimized digital experience.
  • We use DIGITAL + SOCIAL to ensure brands appear on Google search when consumers go to validate them.
  • As Influencer Marketing shifts to nano, micro, and mid-tier influencers and creators we deliver the more personal and local influencer, creator, and enthusiast campaigns brands need.
  • CMKT provides the structure brands need to make local SEARCH + SOCIAL work, including GMB, mobile optimization, SEO, and local land pages.
  • Our influencer, creator, and enthusiast content connects brands with the high-authority local content and backlinks they need to create trusted personal relationships with local consumers.